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Rent a car in Dublin to experience the Irish capital at its finest. Brimming with nightlife, centred around Temple Bar, attractions and of course that classic Irish staple Guinness, Dublin has plenty to offer. Due to the country's Catholic heritage, there are many beautiful churches worth visiting in Dublin along with several museums. However, to really make the most of your trip and explore the stunning Irish countryside, it's best to hire a rental car in Dublin. Ireland is famous for its rugged and rolling countryside, and with an auto rental from Dublin, you can be there in less than an hour. No matter if you're taking a short trip to the Irish capital or planning on staying long term, hiring a car will enable you to get off the beaten track and discover an authentic Ireland missed by many who visit the city.

Car Rental Dublin - the most important rental sites

When you hire a car in Dublin, convenience is paramount. You can compare prices and vehicles online and find the deals that suit your needs. Here is a list of locations where you find a cheap car rental in Dublin:

Rental Site


Main Opening Times*

Dublin Airport

Collinstown, Dublin, Ireland

00:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.

Heuston railway station

Ushers, Dublin, Ireland

08:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.

*The opening times may differ and vary depending on the rental site. Precise information can be found in the listing details. Please note that it is possible to collect and return your car outside the advertised hours for an additional fee.

Rent a car: Dublin and its sights

When you hire a car in Dublin, it will certainly increase your mobility and let you explore both the central district and attractions further afield.

  • General Post Office: While a trip to the post office might not seem like an obvious attraction, the Neo-Classical building is one of the most impressive in the city. The building is still in operation as a working post office and, thus, entrance to the building is free.

  • Dublin Castle: This opulent complex has played a pivotal role in Irish history for many decades. The castle was the seat of the British government when they were in power in Ireland; it’s now in use as a seat of the Irish government.

  • Howth: Located just 15 km to the north of Dublin is Howth. The craggy shoreline makes for a perfect walk, and there are several cafes and shops in the local village. You can reach Howth in around twenty minutes with your rental car.

  • Kilkenny: For those who want to venture a little farther out, Kilkenny is the perfect choice. This medieval town is dotted with many castles, churches and monasteries and can be reached in under two hours by car from Dublin.

Getting around by car in Dublin

With a rental car in Dublin, you can easily access the city centre from the airport in less than half an hour. Remember that, though Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom, they do drive on the left side of the road. Many of the streets are one way in Dublin. Parking on the streets can be problematic, but there is plenty of space available in the several multi-storey car parks which are littered across the city. Ireland is known for being somewhat pricey, so hiring cheap car rental in Dublin can save you money, especially when travelling as a group or as a family.

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