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Norway’s sophisticated cities, quaint towns and spectacular natural landscape make it one of the world’s greatest countries to visit. When you rent a car, you will have access to a wide variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as the thriving capital city of Oslo, the vast wilderness of northern Norway and the magnificent mountains of Jotunheimen. When you visit Norway, a car rental can give you the flexibility and freedom to see all that this unique country has to offer.

Car rental Norway: The most important sites

Norway is a large country, so those looking to hire a car in Norway need to think carefully about where they want to start their adventure. Luckily, there are cheap rental sites all across the country, from which holidaymakers can choose to rent a range of vehicles. One way Norway adventures into Sweden and long term Norway rentals are also available. Whether you pick up your vehicle in the heart of Oslo or way up above the Arctic circle in Tromso, the choice is yours. Car rental companies have sites in several cities throughout the country:

  • Oslo
  • Bergen
  • Tromso
  • Trondheim
  • Stavanger
  • Evenes
  • Alesund

Rent a car: Norway and its sights

The high standard of Norway’s cities and its extensive natural beauty means there is much to relish in this Scandinavian country. Whether you use your car rental in Norway to explore the southern cities or venture off into the northern wilderness, you will find there is plenty to keep you occupied. Here are a few of the highlights that await you when you rent a car in Norway.

Alesund’s abundance of fairytale charm is part of what makes Norway so exciting to explore. Take your rental car in Norway to this destination and you will be rewarded with Art Nouveau architecture and breathtaking views. Voted Norway’s most beautiful town in 2007 and then again in 2009, Alesund is a town that invites and intrigues at every turn.

Oslo, Norway's capital city, combines beauty and culture to create a city that is much loved by travellers and locals alike. While the laid back bars and restaurants put visitors at ease straight away, there is much to do during daylight hours (which can be for as little as 6 hours in the winter and up to 18 hours in the summer). Check out the Fram Museum, which is home to a wooden ship that holds the record for travelling the furthest north and furthest south. You could also venture into the city’s surrounding forests, which are ideal for hiking and cycling.

Western Norway’s fjords are among the most beautiful destinations on earth. Mountains, waterfalls and a sense of adventure will strike you as you take your auto rental north of Bergen into a territory that inspires at every turn. With your car rental in Norway, you can also take your hiking, cycling and kayaking gear with you.

Getting around when you rent a car in Norway

Norway’s light traffic makes it a breeze for new drivers in the country, making it an excellent country to explore by car. You will be expected to stick to the rules, however. Keep a distance of 3 seconds between you and the car ahead of you and always make sure your headlights are dipped for them and oncoming drivers. Pay extra attention to the road and car when driving in the mountains, especially when there has been recent snowfall.

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