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It is important to have the freedom of being able to do what you want when on holiday. This makes a cheap rental car in Zagreb a practical solution. Croatia’s capital has a little of everything, from first-class museums and historic churches to beautiful lakes and gardens. When visiting Zagreb, rent a car to make every attraction easy to visit anytime without waiting for buses, trams or taxis.

Zagreb car rental: The most important rental sites

When you rent a car in Zagreb, you can explore the city's many attractions at your leisure. Book a car hire in Zagreb to see the attractions, go to the restaurant or just relax. You can also rent a car one way in Zagreb and tour the rest of Croatia, dropping off the car elsewhere in the country. It is simply a matter of booking the vehicle that will suit your budget and what you are planning to do. In Zagreb, rental cars are available at a number of convenient locations.

Rental SiteAddressMain Opening Times*
Zagreb AirportUlica Rudolfa Fizira 1, 10150, Zagreb, Croatia07:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
City OfficeKranjčevićeva ul. 46, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia08:00 a.m. - 08:00 p.m.

Opening times of rental sites may vary. It is possible to return or pick up your rental car in Zagreb outside of the main opening times for an extra fee.


Rent a car in Zagreb and explore its sights

The sights of the capital are easily accessible with an auto rental in Zagreb, making it convenient to drive from one place to another.

  • Zagreb Cathedral:
    The Gothic-inspired Zagreb Cathedral is located in the Upper Town and is the tallest building in the country.

  • The Museum of Broken Relationships:
    Jump into your rental car in Zagreb to visit this special museum dedicated to broken or failed relationships. The Museum of Broken Relationships' exhibits include personal relics left behind by couples or lovers. It is located in the lovely Kulmer Palace.

  • Gornji Grad-Medvescak:
    This is one of the city's most popular attractions. With a rental car, you can explore the beautiful structures in this district, including churches and historic landmarks. The Presidential Palace is also in this quarter, as well as St. Mark’s Church, a 13th-century church that had an important role in the history of Croatia. Visitors can admire its colourful roof and medieval coat of arms. Also, be sure to visit Croatia’s most important art collection by Croatian artists from the 19th and 20th centuries at the Modern Gallery.

  • Jarun Lake:
    This is a popular getaway destination for locals, especially during the warmer months. In addition to swimming, you can enjoy other water-based sports such as windsurfing and boating competitions.

  • Zagreb Zoo:
    The enormous Zagreb Zoo holds a large inventory of animals that both adults and children will find fascinating. Along with Bundek, a beautiful park featuring a lovely lake, this is an ideal destination for a day trip with your rental car in Zagreb.


Getting around in Zagreb when you rent a car

The people of Croatia drive on the right and overtake on the left. For mobility and ease, it is highly advisable to rent a vehicle if planning to stay long term in Zagreb. Although Zagreb's roads are in good condition and the capital is well connected to neighbouring cities such as Split and Sibenik, there are many one-way streets in Zagreb to look out for. On motorways, the fastest you can drive is 130 km per hour, and in built-up areas, it’s 50 km per hour. Speed limits must be obeyed strictly, as the police are authorised to collect fines on the spot.

Keep in mind that everyone must wear a seatbelt. Children below 12 years old are not allowed to sit in the front seat, and appropriate seats must be used for babies and young children. Croatia has a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving.

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