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Alaska is one of the most fascinating states in the United States. With vast swathes of wilderness, enchanting national parks, cool cities, and some of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere on earth, those who rent a car in Alaska will be treated to the very best of America’s final frontier. Alaska car rentals allow you to explore the huge state at your own leisure and explore the region’s many excellent and remote attractions.

Alaska Car rental - the most important sites

Alaska covers a huge area, so large that it is bigger than California, Texas and Montona combined. It is worth remembering the size of the state when you are choosing where to pick up your auto rental in Alaska. In some cases it may be best to hire a car and drive around Alaska, exploring the state's many national parks and cities. In others it makes more sense to travel around via plane and pick up another rental when you arrive. In any case on this website you can compare prices of major car rentals to find the best offer for your journey. Among other locations, cheap car rentals in Alaska are available from:



Explore the sights of Alaska when you rent a car

You may need to rent long term in Alaska if you want to see everything, because there is plenty to do in this beautiful corner of the world. Whether you are interested in fishing, hiking, checking out the wildlife, or sampling America’s most remote restaurants and shops, there is something for everyone when you rent a car in Alaska.

There is much to cherish in Denali, one of America’s best national parks. Home to America’s highest mountain and a staggering array of wildlife, the park is serviced by a single road that allows visitors in Alaska who rent a car the opportunity to see the park up close. Drive as far as Savage River (cars are not permitted beyond this location) and set off for an afternoon of hiking. Take some binoculars with you to enjoy views of the spectacular landscape and wildlife.

The Alaska Highway is a scenic drive that is spread over some 2300 km. Towns are dispersed at regular intervals, so go as far as you please before spending the night and turning around. The Alaska Highway is one great way to see some of the region's extensive landscape with your rental car.

Alaska is a great place to see the magical Northern Lights. Begin your trip in Fairbanks and make the short drive out to the wilderness for your best chance to see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory. A number of annual music festivals are held in Alaska which celebrate indigenous Native American folk traditions as well as classical music and jazz.

Getting around when you hire a car in Alaska

Most people will not have any difficulty driving in Alaska, especially in the urban areas. However, Alaska is mostly wilderness and this can make some of the driving challenging. Pay special attention to how much petrol you have in your tank when setting out into remote areas as places to fill up can be difficult to find in such places. It is best not to let your tank fall below half full if it can be helped. Similarly, driving during the winter may mean you have to navigate in snowy conditions, so choose an appropriate vehicle and make sure you have all the provisions you need.

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